Synergistix Allied Health

Synergistix Allied Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to health and well-being by providing specialist services in the areas of Occupation Therapy, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology to help improve the overall life quality of people with neurological conditions such as chronic pain and motor disorders.

Our commitment is to ensure an effective and efficient provision of healthcare services. Our values focus on ethical practice and working relationship between the health practitioners and clients, provision of innovative and evidence-based healthcare services and every individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

Our Mission is to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being goals of the individuals and wider community by offering multidisciplinary and well-rounded allied healthcare services.

Our Values are the foundations of our principles and functionality and define our work and efforts to optimise health care provision.

  • Ethical and Patient-Focused Practice.
  • Right to Privacy and Confidentiality.
  • Professional Growth to ensure provision of innovative and evidence based services.
  • Team Work to deliver best health care to our patients and recognise the individual contributions.
  • Compassion to understand every individual’s needs and respect their choice and preferences.

Our Team includes qualified and highly motivated and passionate Occupation Therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists.